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  This is a story from Three Kingdoms that happened before the Battle of Chibi. One night, Zhou Yu was thinking hard in his tent about how to defeat Cao Cao's army, when Huang Gai came in. He suggested attacking with fire. "Well, it's exactly what I mean to do." Said Zhou Yu. "That's why I'm keeping those two spies: to convey false information to Cao's camp. But I need a man to play the same game for us." Huang Gai said he was willing to do it. They decided to carry out the trick of being flogged to win the enemy's confidence.


  The next day Zhou Yu convened(召集) a general assembly of his commanders outside his tent. He ordered the commanders to take three months's rations and prepare to defend their line. Huang Gai came forward and said: "We don't need three months. If not, we'd better throw down our weapons and sue for peace."


  Zhou Yu exploded in fury. "I bear our lord's mandate," he cried, "to lead our troops to destroy Cao Cao. How dare you weaken our morale? Remove him and execute him!"


  Huang Gai proudly, "I have served the Southland through three successive reigns. Where do the likes of you come from?"


  The entire assembly got on their knees to intercede for(请求,说情) Huang Gai. Zhou Yu said at last: "In consideration for the commanders' views, I shall not kill you. Give him one hundred strokes across the back!


  Huang Gai was forced facedown to the ground. Not yet at fifty blows of the rod, his skin was broken and his oozing(渗透) flesh was crossed with welts. He fainted several times.


  Zhou Yu let Kan Ze, Huang Gai's friend, to deliver the letter of surrender to Cao Cao, which Huang Gai had prepared. Before long, Cao Cao received a letter from the two spies, saying "Look for a boat with a blue-green flag at the bow. That will be Huang Gai." In Huang Gai's boat there were combustibles(可燃物) . In this way,Huang Gai was able to set fire to Cao Cao's camp. When the red current of fire passed through the surface of the river,Cao Cao's ships,linked with chains, turned into ashes.



  This is a story from the novel Three Kingdoms. Jiang Wei was adept(熟练的) with both pen and sword. He was not only a man of intelligence and bravery, but also a man of resources and astuteness(精明,机敏) . Zhuge Liang wanted to win Jiang Wei over to be his assistant. When he learned that Jiang Wei was a filial(孝顺的) son whose mother was living in Jicheng City, he devised a plan to win him over. He ordered Wei Yan to attack Jicheng City by bluffing and blustering. As soon as Jiang Wei heard the news, he immediately led the troops to Jicheng City to save his mother. Zhuge Liang sent captured-general Xiahou Mao to Jicheng City to persuade Jiang Wei to surrender. When Xiahou Mao was only halfway there, he was told by people that Jiang Wei had already surrendered to the Shu State. Therefore Xiahou Mao had to go to Tianshuiguan. He came to the city of Tianshuiguan about Jiang Wei's surrender. In the middle of the night, Zhuge Liang asked somebody to dress up as Jiang Wei and attack Tianshuiguan. This made the officers and soldiers in the dity really believe that Jiang Wei's surrender to Shu State was true.


  Jiang Wei tried every possible means to protect Jicheng City, although he lacked the necessary army provisions. One day Jiang Wei led his soldiers to seize army provisions(食品,预备) . The soldiers of the Shu State took advantage of this and seized the city. Since Jiang Wei had lost the city, he could only run to Tianshuiguan. The generals and soldiers wouldn't let him into the city, because they mistakenly believed that he surrendered to the enemy. Jiang Wei had to go off into the wilderness. He went less than a few kilometers before Zhuge Liang came along in a carriage and his troops encircled Jiang Wei. Realizing he was trapped, he surrendered to Zhuge Liang.



  this is a story from three kingdoms.

  huang zhong, a veteran in the army of shu, was one of its top five generals. zhang he under cao cao had suffered one defeat after another. cao hong gave him a 5,000-strong army to attack jiameng pass. when liu bei learned this, he consulted with zhuge liang, his military advisor. zhuge liang said: "zhang he is a distinguished(著名的) general of cao cao. only zhang fei could defeat him." this irritated veteran huang zhong. huang shouted: "advisor has looked down upon me. i will get his head off and offer it to you." zhuge liang prodded(刺,戳) huang again by saying, "though you are valiant(英勇的) , i am afraid you are not zhang he's match because you are too old." when huang zhong heard this, his gray hair angrily stood on end. he said, "old as i am, i am able to open two bows and am full of vitality."


  huang went down and got a big sword off the rack(现成的) and performed with it. he took two hard bows off the wall and pulled them broken. then zhuge liang said: "if you go, whom would you like to be your assistant?" huang zhong replied, "veteran yan yan. if the two of us can not defeat zhang he, my gray-haired bead is yours." liu bei and zhuge liang were very pleased. the veteran generals were ordered to fight zhang he. when huang zhong and yan yan got to jiameng pass, they laid a trap to defeat zhang he. then they used skillful tactics to take over tiandang mountain, the granary(粮仓) of cao cao's army. later, they captured dingjun mountain. they reported back to liu bei and zhuge liang declaring a complete victory.








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